How to treat acne

Currently accepted approach in acne treatment is through – physical grinding, or peeling. Grinding or active acne peels back / buttocks / inside reveals the skin infection and may cause the spread of acne, boils and pimples wounds spots to other regions. Worsening inflammation, redness, roughness and skin irritation and itching.

Sanding operation and active acne peeling is superficial and external and does not address the root problem, eliminating the acne bacteria selectively P.ACNE acne causes acne outbreak back, buttocks and face, and normalizing the secretion of milk fat secretion it takes place bacterium.

This is embarrassing, not aesthetic, spreading to other parts of the body, painful and unpleasant, and in an intimate situation …! Or when you want to wear sexy halter top … and summer swimsuit … !!!

His / her ashamed / A expose your back, wear T-shirts for the summer, it spreads and scratches, it is not aesthetic and unpleasant … And if today does not attend / s it may accompany you even after the age of 40 …!

Even if you thought to wait until the storm passed and the wounds dry, heal, you’ll find / s that unless you’ve taken care of acne on the back / buttocks / face time, the skin will remain discolored. Sometimes reddish, irritated and itchy rough Therefore, prompt treatment, focused and appropriate is essential to maintain a consistent look, some light stains clean and aesthetically pleasing warm / red and wounds large lesions often appear deep and painful cysts / folliculitis.

Once overcome / s to the confusion, frustration and feeling “that nothing will help” you find / the new world of effective solutions with impressive results.

Acne solution provided by, is the treatment of internal and external system.

4 steps to treat acne – acne on the back / buttocks / inside.

No side effects – no blood tests – without drugs – no damage to the liver

1. Cosmetic drain cleaning and absorption of fats, treatment prevents infections and balances the discharge of milk, fat, improves skin texture and helps the cleaning, disinfection and shrink pores, preventing dryness and irritation itching fusion healing.

2. Treatment of IPL technology – a ray of light and radio waves RF energy with no side effects and drug-free treatment also recommended by doctors. Research shows that using a beam of light of a specific wavelength can be reduced by 80 percent in some cases more acne buttocks.

Do not believe / neh? You are welcome to browse the website and view more than 80 recommendations to get a phone call and see that there is a solution for acne in teenagers and adults.

3. nutritional supplements (vitamins not) unique as a source of nutrients that work on the symptom of the problem. Probiotics contain qualitative treating skin problems and strengthening the immune system, provide an effective solution for acne on the back, buttocks and face against the background of allergic – inflammation – infections.

4. Preparations Storage, paramedical and personalized, safe recovery and renewal of skin showing buttocks. Help balance the secretion of fat, preventing the formation of open comedones / fats / black and wounds over time. The best preparations specialized laboratories in the country and the most appropriate high quality Israeli climate and approved by the Ministry of Health.

Sometimes severe inflammatory response acne bacteria (propionibacterium acnes) leading aesthetic and permanent scars that leave their mark on the skin and are a major nuisance for sufferers. And the more severe skin damage than a longer recovery time, and the prospect of the creation of scars and brown spots / red larger.

When treating acne has developed systematic local preparations, a major problem is the therapeutic success. Discontinuation of therapy may result in the return of acne. Indeed, clinical studies point to the fact that more than 40% of patients with acne, acne, teens and adults taking Roaccutane an outbreak of sores appeared after taking the ball. Roaccutane can reduce acne considerably, to a lesser extent or not at all.

IPL treatment technology – a ray of light and radio waves RF energy particularly effective neutralizing and destroying acne bacteria. Healing occurs when light is projected running on porphyrin material accompanying the acne bacteria. Porphyrin with bacterial exposure in light of the system’s special is going through chemical modification and selectively kills acne bacteria.

As with other aesthetic treatments being made laser, using light energy is done by direct contact on the skin. The unique system works by introducing a focused light beam, which works on an equal intensity pulses per treated area with no side effects and no pain, and therefore no other to come and ARE very high success rates.

How to live a healthy life

Tips to help you overcome the obstacles of summer, adapt a healthier diet, maintain a healthy lifestyle and diet menu ideas for quick and healthy (However, the most important recommendation is to match Aishit- times, availability and personal preferences).


It can be said that the fruits of summer are one of the pleasures of life for those who like fruit. Are diverse, rich colors, vitamins and minerals and fiber. However, they also be abundant in sugar and exceeded the recommended daily amount may cause high blood sugar and blood cholesterol increase triglyceride type.

How do we overcome the obstacle?

Recommended daily fruit intake for women: 2 servings, men: 3 servings. When to fruit contains about 60 JNF example:

Cup of melon, strawberry cup, half a medium mango, pineapple 1/3, 1 medium peach, 1 apple, 1 pear, 2 are used, 2 plums, 2 loquat, 2 figs, 2 kiwis, 10 cherries, pomegranate 125 grams.

We prefer whole fruit over drinking fruit smoothies (containing an average of 4 servings of fruit).

½ cup fruit smoothies provides 2 servings of fruit.

Add a dose of almond fruit or nut lowering the glycemic index (lowering blood glucose excretion). And you can also add vegetables to increase the volume and fullness. For example:

Recipe dose of fruit: a half cup of pomegranate or mango or 2 figs + lettuce, cucumbers + Baby and walnuts.

Oldorf- salad recipe for 4 servings: apple, 1/2 pineapple / canned pineapple and sugar not 3 tablespoons of cranberry + celery + candied walnuts + 2 tablespoons light mayonnaise ½ teaspoon salt + Atlantic + half lemon.

We avoid fruit with a very high glycemic index, especially in patients with high blood sugar, high cholesterol in the blood and interested in weight loss:

Watermelon, grapes, raisins and dates.

It is important we keep the meals and we avoid fruit snack. The recommended fruit servings you should eat a snack.

Popsicle and ice cream

One of the most significant obstacles to weight loss in summer are the ice cream and Hglidot- rich in sugar and fat. Due to the high temperature and the need for food liquids are becoming particularly requested and were crowned lenders linked to almost every entertainment at sea and in the pool.

How do we overcome the obstacle?

 Consider ice cream or popsicles as food favorite weekly integration, and a daily snack. Healthy and balanced diet is not a complete failure, but of reason, freedom and balance to combine the weekly menu.

We define two week advance Na snack.

We avoid ice cream for dessert. Dessert, extra meal, directly stored fat reserves, making it difficult for digestion and causes a feeling of heaviness, fatigue and discomfort instrumental.
We prefer yogurt over ice cream.
As for Hsorva- is not innocent at all. Rich sorbet sugar and high glycemic index in particular.

However, if it is better to eat fruit and nuts sweeten combined daily menu.

Drinking and Dehydration

Water is the second resource importance to life and health (after oxygen and long before food). Liquids are about 70% of the weight of our bodies and are responsible for the proper functioning of all body systems: temperature regulation, especially in the summer and stay in air conditioners, and maintaining metabolism, aid proper digestion and remove toxins and vital sense of satiety and weight loss.

Central control of hunger and thirst in the brain very close together and sometimes we recognize the sense of thirst and hunger and access to extra food to eat.

During the exercise, a lack of fluids is the main cause fatigue, loss of performance and coordination and muscle contraction. A 1% loss of body weight liquids, causes a decrease of 5% athletic performance ability.

On hot summer days and stay in air conditioners we lose more fluids and sometimes spend longer hours away from home and forget to drink or worse than many sweetened drinks or Diet associated with obesity, high blood sugar and damage to health.

How do we overcome the obstacle?

Let’s start the day with 2 cups of water on an empty stomach. This is great for improving digestive function, intestinal motility and removal of toxins.
We’ll try half an hour before each meal to drink a glass of water. This contributes to a feeling of fullness and reduced consumption leads to a more appropriate and food.
For those who love / the water you should try adding a slice of lemon, mint leaves or cinnamon stick. Or try lightly sparkling water or soda.
Drinking at room temperature healthier drinking very cold which weakens the digestive system.


Multi summer recreation and events where alcoholic beverages are served and cocktails. The recommended amount of alcohol contributes to health and mood, for the proper functioning of the liver and improving dissolution and utilize fat and cholesterol. However, should more than the recommended amount is harmful to health, contributes generously fat tissue and can cause liver damage.

In addition, alcohol is high in calories and high in sugar (1 gram of alcohol equals 7 JNF and 1 g protein / carbohydrate equals 4 JNF) is inhibited eliminates excessive food consumption and often lesser quality.

Just to buy Size measure: a glass of dry wine contains 120 JNF, 330 ml of beer contains 150 JNF and 60 ml of vodka / defected to contain 170 JNF.

How do we overcome this obstacle?

  •  Keep your recommended daily intake: Women: 1 cup of alcohol and men: 2 cups of alcohol.
  •   We prefer wine or champagne over cocktails rich in sugar.
  •  We design the adjacent pre-dinner drinking alcohol (before we start drinking).
  •  We will limit the amount of carbohydrates in the meal to balance the ratio of the major food groups.
  •   You can dilute the alcohol in the ice.
  • Should incorporate drinking water and avoid drinking alcohol for saturation.


As more hot and humidity rise greater sense of exhaustion and her desire to give up the practice.

How do we deal with this obstacle?

If you know / the most typical yourself energetic in the morning you can stay ahead of the workout. If you know / the most typical yourself energetic evening time can be after the training hours when the weather is more convenient.
Proper and quality drinking water during the day and avoiding heavy meals and onerous help us keep the energy and alertness.
Drinking a glass of cool water near the beginning of the training will help improve the energy and alertness.
Also, shower with lukewarm water.
Will be helpful to increase the motivation as preferred music, advance preparation of clothing and equipment, new clothing, coordination with member / e and more ..
On hot summer days you should consider a subscription in the gym. Choosing the gym is done according to your convenience and proximity to the workplace or the home.

Holidays and Hotels

Dining rooms abundance and variety of foods in the form of submission that encourages us to fill the plate beyond the purpose and often high-fat foods and calories and sometimes even second and third round.

The direct result is a feeling of heaviness, discomfort, extra weight and fat and less fun holiday activities.

How do we overcome this obstacle?

Refrain from getting hungry for lunch. Should come with almonds and walnuts eaten between meals.
At the entrance to the dining room, just before we start the load on the plate:

Phase 1 will scan the selection and choose the foods that we would like to give them up.

It is not impossible to eat everything-but not everything.

Step 2 We’ll start with vegetables, add the foods we choose.

Step 3 was filled with a single plate.

Step 4 we’ll be sure to drink quality even in the dining room.

You should maintain a balanced ratio: 50% vegetables, 20% protein, 10% fat and 20% carbohydrate

There is a tendency to feel that we are missing out if we do not eat or drink it all. However, the exact opposite is true.

Events and Weddings

The most popular season to get married it is the summer season. Number and frequency with which events are growing and excessive consumption of calories starting entrees we hardly put them heart and caloric equivalent full meal (if not more). These plus sweetened drink or cocktail. Then sit down for an appetizer, main course, dessert and a few glasses of water.

How do we overcome this obstacle?

Use it as a blow-Should not we get hungry event. To maintain weight loss and normal metabolism should not starve ourselves on the wrong event thought We’ll save” calories.

Such hunger indicates a slowing metabolism and meal time is too large excess oil.

About two hours and a half before the event you should eat a sandwich / salad healthy home. For example, tuna salad sandwich with hummus plus vegetables.

When the reception and starters will scan a variety of carefully selected foods and one small plate or we give up and wait for the main course. You can grab a quality beverage invitee event will focus on the call and updates.
With the settlement table, scan again and select from a variety of foods to open or healthy salads or just give up and wait for the main course tolerance.
The main course you should ask for the dressing on the side and avoid the fried dishes.
If we decided not to give up the dessert, you should reduce or give up the extra carbohydrates.
Finally, we dance, we went around, talk, laugh and enjoy much more.


The summer season is characterized trips around the country and long days away from home in the sea or the pool. Hours without meals, snacks, ice cream, snacks and drinks not quality.

How do we overcome this obstacle?

Organized in advance will save us from unnecessary temptations, will prevent a great famine in time for my grasp size and eating too much and will protect the metabolism and weight loss.

Sandwiches light long days. For example, hummus, low-fat cheese (goat cheese priority / sheep), ham home type along with a box of vegetables or fruit plus a box of nuts or almonds.

Diet menus and ideas

Healthy menu is divided into 6 meals, larger 3 and 3 small. Be true to keep a minimum of two hours difference between each meal and at most three hours.

Sample menu for Women (1200 JNF)

2 cups of water in the morning on an empty stomach


1 slice whole wheat bread / 2 slices of bread / cracker Rye

+ Egg + 1/3 avocado / tablespoon goat cheese / 3 tablespoons of hummus

+ Vegetables

If you are not accustomed to feed in the morning, you can gradually accustom your body to start with fruit along with some almonds or walnuts.


Half an hour before a meal is recommended to drink 2 cups water

1 fruit / vegetable

Almond + 7-9 / 2 whole walnuts / 150 ml goat yogurt

Or 2 slices of bread and 4 slices of smoked salmon / ham have / 1/2 can of tuna


Half an hour before a meal is recommended to drink 2 cups water

180 grams of fish / chicken breast 180 g / 100 g beef

+ 1 / 3- 1/2 cup cooked cereal Rice / quinoa / whole wheat pasta / small sweet potato

+ Rich vegetable salad / vegetables steamed


Half an hour before a meal is recommended to drink 2 cups water

1 fruit / vegetable

Almond + 5-7 / 2 whole walnuts / 150 ml goat yogurt

Or 1 cup cooked beans + legume Cmg’adra (rice and lentils)


Half an hour before a meal is recommended to drink 2 cups water

2/3 can of tuna / 180 g fish / Shakshuka / 2 vegetable omelet eggs

+ 3 spoonfuls of cooked cereal Rice / 1 slice whole wheat bread / small sweet potato

+ Salad / vegetables coarsely cut / steamed vegetables

Or a single plate Biroa- carb meat / fish + salad

+ 1 cup of alcohol

+ A glass of water


Sample Menu for men (1500 JNF)

2 cups of water in the morning on an empty stomach


2 slices whole wheat bread / 4 slices bread

+ Egg + 1/3 avocado / 3 tablespoons goat cheese / 3 tablespoons of hummus

+ Vegetables

If you do not normally eat in the morning, you can gradually accustom your body to start with fruit along with some almonds or walnuts.


Half an hour before a meal is recommended to drink 2 cups water

1 fruit / vegetable

Almond + 7-9 / 2 whole walnuts / 150 ml goat yogurt

Or 2 slices of whole wheat bread + 4 slices smoked salmon / ham have / 1/2 can of tuna


Half an hour before a meal is recommended to drink 2 cups water

200 g fish / chicken breast 200g / 150g beef

+ 1/2 cup cooked cereal Rice / quinoa / whole wheat pasta / medium sweet potato

+ Rich vegetable salad / vegetable soup


Half an hour before a meal is recommended to drink 2 cups water

1 fruit / vegetable

Almond + 7-9 / 2 whole walnuts / 150 ml goat yogurt

Or a half cup cooked beans + legume Cmg’adra (rice and lentils)


Half an hour before a meal is recommended to drink 2 cups water

Tuna / 200 g fish / Shakshuka / 2 vegetable omelet eggs

+ 1/2 cup cooked cereal Rice / 2 slices whole wheat bread / sweet potato

+ Cooked vegetables

Or a single plate Biroa- carb meat / fish + salad

+ 2 glasses of alcohol

+ A glass of water


In summary,

For summer fun, energetic, well-built and healthier diet should we plan in advance and we will identify personal obstacles, we’ll be sure to drink enough quality and Nazn the allure trips, celebrations and events.

Is Alexandria’s Genesis real?

Alexandria's Genesis

Does Alexandria’s Genesis exist? A lot of debate on whether the condition exists has been continuing over the years. As it is, no one is sure when it comes to the condition. As far as the scientific community is concerned, no one with this disorder is currently in existence. This is one of the factors that have made Alexandria’s Genesis highly intriguing. What are the truths and fallacies associated with it?

The descriptions surrounding the disorder make it seem like a possibility; one that has happened in the past, or is currently existent.

Alexandria’s Genesis is also referred to as violet eyes. After a child is born, their eyes are seen to turn to purple. The purple color is achieved a transition from blue to gray; all this takes place within the first six months of one’s life. After that, during one’s puberty, the eyes are said to turn to a darker color that might as well be referred to as violet. This genetic mutation does not, however, affect one’s ability to see.



Some of the issues surrounding the presence of this disorder is the ability to grow facial anal, body, or pubic hair. Furthermore, women with the condition do not menstruate despite the fact that they are fertile. It has also been said that one of the symptoms of Alexandria’s Genesis is a white skin that does not turn or burn! Very interesting, right? It would also be worth noting that those with the condition stop aging at the age of 50, allowing them to live for around 150 years. Ever had a weight problem? Well, individuals with this disorder do not add weight regardless of what they eat. The group that is normally affected by this mutation is the Caucasians, and they are barely affected by diseases as their immune system is highly boosted.

Alexandria’s Genesis is said to have originated from a bright light that stroke across the sky in Egypt. Legend has it that all those who left their rooms to go and view the strange happening had their eyes turn to purple. Different cases have been recorded in various regions, but the symptoms and dynamics surrounding the disorder are pretty static.

Is Alexandria’s Genesis real?

According to different claims, the only cause of purple eyes is this disorder. Moreover, cases of people with the disorder have been brought forth on various fronts. For some, logic is used to justify the existence of a disorder that reduced aging. From their point of view, since there are disorders that cause super-normal aging rates, there has to be one that works to achieve the opposite.

Is the evidence available enough?

There is a lot of speculation surrounding the existence of this disorder. Thinking of an individual who does not age, does not add weight, and has a rate of metabolism that is above average is almost too good to believe! One of the inconsistencies surrounding Alexandria’s disorder is the claim that an individual lived to be 150 years, yet the oldest person is said to have lived to be 122 years old. In addition, burning of the skin is reduced by melanin, the dark pigment of the skin. As it is, individuals with the disorder barely have any melanin