How to treat acne

Currently accepted approach in acne treatment is through – physical grinding, or peeling. Grinding or active acne peels back / buttocks / inside reveals the skin infection and may cause the spread of acne, boils and pimples wounds spots to other regions. Worsening inflammation, redness, roughness and skin irritation and itching.

Sanding operation and active acne peeling is superficial and external and does not address the root problem, eliminating the acne bacteria selectively P.ACNE acne causes acne outbreak back, buttocks and face, and normalizing the secretion of milk fat secretion it takes place bacterium and it can also help you grow taller… (or you can read on

This is embarrassing, not aesthetic, spreading to other parts of the body, painful and unpleasant, and in an intimate situation …! Or when you want to wear sexy halter top … and summer swimsuit … !!!

His / her ashamed / A expose your back, wear T-shirts for the summer, it spreads and scratches, it is not aesthetic and unpleasant … And if today does not attend / s it may accompany you even after the age of 40 …!

Even if you thought to wait until the storm passed and the wounds dry, heal, you’ll find / s that unless you’ve taken care of acne on the back / buttocks / face time, the skin will remain discolored. Sometimes reddish, irritated and itchy rough Therefore, prompt treatment, focused and appropriate is essential to maintain a consistent look, some light stains clean and aesthetically pleasing warm / red and wounds large lesions often appear deep and painful cysts / folliculitis.

Once overcome / s to the confusion, frustration and feeling “that nothing will help” you find / the new world of effective solutions with impressive results.

Acne solution provided by, is the treatment of internal and external system.

4 steps to treat acne – acne on the back / buttocks / inside.

No side effects – no blood tests – without drugs – no damage to the liver

1. Cosmetic drain cleaning and absorption of fats, treatment prevents infections and balances the discharge of milk, fat, improves skin texture and helps the cleaning, disinfection and shrink pores, preventing dryness and irritation itching fusion healing.

2. Treatment of IPL technology – a ray of light and radio waves RF energy with no side effects and drug-free treatment also recommended by doctors. Research shows that using a beam of light of a specific wavelength can be reduced by 80 percent in some cases more acne buttocks.

Do not believe / neh? You are welcome to browse the website and view more than 80 recommendations to get a phone call and see that there is a solution for acne in teenagers and adults.

3. nutritional supplements (vitamins not) unique as a source of nutrients that work on the symptom of the problem. Probiotics contain qualitative treating skin problems and strengthening the immune system, provide an effective solution for acne on the back, buttocks and face against the background of allergic – inflammation – infections.

4. Preparations Storage, paramedical and personalized, safe recovery and renewal of skin showing buttocks. Help balance the secretion of fat, preventing the formation of open comedones / fats / black and wounds over time. The best preparations specialized laboratories in the country and the most appropriate high quality Israeli climate and approved by the Ministry of Health.

Sometimes severe inflammatory response acne bacteria (propionibacterium acnes) leading aesthetic and permanent scars that leave their mark on the skin and are a major nuisance for sufferers. And the more severe skin damage than a longer recovery time, and the prospect of the creation of scars and brown spots / red larger.

When treating acne has developed systematic local preparations, a major problem is the therapeutic success. Discontinuation of therapy may result in the return of acne. Indeed, clinical studies point to the fact that more than 40% of patients with acne, acne, teens and adults taking Roaccutane an outbreak of sores appeared after taking the ball. Roaccutane can reduce acne considerably, to a lesser extent or not at all.

IPL treatment technology – a ray of light and radio waves RF energy particularly effective neutralizing and destroying acne bacteria. Healing occurs when light is projected running on porphyrin material accompanying the acne bacteria. Porphyrin with bacterial exposure in light of the system’s special is going through chemical modification and selectively kills acne bacteria.

As with other aesthetic treatments being made laser, using light energy is done by direct contact on the skin. The unique system works by introducing a focused light beam, which works on an equal intensity pulses per treated area with no side effects and no pain, and therefore no other to come and ARE very high success rates.

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